This is urgent health news that just might save your life. Just in the last few months scientists have determined that the artificial sweetener Sucralose or Splenda (the yellow packets) causes DNA damage that can lead to cancer and leaky gut. Also the the sweetener Erythritol has been linked to strokes and heart attacks. Just a few months ago the World Health Organization declared that Aspartame (the blue packet) is possibly carcinogenic. Now we’ve known for some time that all the artificial sweeteners have been known to paradoxically cause weight gain, obesity and insulin resistance but the DNA damage, cancer and leaky gut is new and terrifying info.


So I was in my Costco this morning looking at the protein supplements and I found that amazingly they almost all have dangerous sucralose or erl. Fairlife, Premier Protein, Isopure, Gold Standard, Ensure and Muscle Milk all have sucralose. What’s more Orgain, both vegan and whey contain erythritol.

What’s crazy is that these non-nutritive sweeteners are actually associated with increases in BMI, metabolic syndrome and even diabetes. The whole reason why people use these synthetic chemicals is presumably to not gain weight by eating less sugar yet all the dozens of scientific studies including nearly half a million people paradoxically shows that they actually make you fatter and potentially sicker. Add to that the very recent info about stroke and heart attacks from erythritol, DNA damage from Aspartame and cancer and leaky gut from Sucralose what possible reason is there to use these artificial and dangerous sweeteners.